Trust, listening, understanding, focus on the goal and the solution!

Concept Una Vida

I am Dragana, the first physiotherapist and certified NLP Master Practitioner coach in the Czech Republic.

My goal was to create a unique concept of health care that overlaps with personal development for all of you who are unsatisfied with the average and want to live in the best physical and mental shape! And so Una Vida was born, the first physiotherapy and coaching center that puts your physical and mental health in context to help you reach your highest potential.

I have gone through a personal transformation in various sectors of the physiotherapy and medical industries that have led me to where I am today. That's why I want to support you on your journey to your goal, too, if you're going to make a change in your health, personal life, and professional life.

I have been practicing physiotherapy since 2012, when I gradually obtained all my academic titles at Charles University and took up a senior position in an outpatient physiotherapy practice. A great enrichment was the specialization in gait neurorehabilitation on robotic devices and the practice I gained from renowned institutions in Switzerland and Slovenia that I completed with a PhD degree in biomechanics. I have been providing physiotherapy services privately since 2016.

Parallel to physiotherapy, I have been working as a product manager and trainer at BTL since 2015, where I have had the opportunity to develop the most advanced physical medicine devices, some of which I also work with within my practice. My specialties are selective radiofrequency therapy, electromagnetic stimulators for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, incontinence, and last but not least, robotic-assisted gait therapy.

Being supportive, listening to people, and helping them find solutions in the area of health and professional-personal life is something that is so obvious to me and that I feel good at that I decided to develop myself professionally in this direction. Since 2020, I have completed a series of NLP-certified courses and a coaching academy at the renowned Slavica Squire Institute with international accreditation from ANLP and ECA to become a professional coach in addition to my physiotherapy education and help you find a balance between your health, personal life, and professional addition to my medical education so that I can help you to find a balance between your personal-professional life and your health.

You can find more information about my approach in Interviews.

I am happy to provide my services in Czech, English, Serbian, and French.