Pelvic floor physiotherapy for women & men

The concept of care for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction is based on discretion, professional, and comprehensive examination, from which tailor-made programs and solutions are created. The Una Vida Center works with the
gynecological-urological concept accredited by the Czech Ministry of Health, recommendations from international professional associations, and its own proven procedures.

At the initial meeting, we will discuss your current status in detail and complete standardized questionnaires. This is followed by a comprehensive examination of pelvic floor activation and relaxation using 2D ultrasound and a physical examination
(per vaginam, per rectum) according to a standardized protocol.

After the examination, I will explain everything to you clearly and suggest an individual treatment plan. For patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, I combine proven physiotherapy methods, regimes, aids, physical therapy, and coaching, which are my center's specialty. Your condition is continually evaluated during follow-up appointments.

Within my competence and experience, I am contacted by patients who need help with the following:

Pregnancy and postpartum period

Prevention, therapy, and education before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and in the postpartum period.

Urinary incontinence,
anorectal dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse

Prevention, therapy, education and above all the combination of physiotherapy, physical therapy and the selection of appropriate aids.

Chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction

A unique combination of our own proven processes of physiotherapy, physical therapy, and coaching.

Physiotherapy in pregnancy  
The aim is to prepare you for the progression of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Movement programs for pregnant women are educational and preventive. You will learn appropriate exercises, movement activities, and ergonomics for each trimester to keep you fit

Physiotherapy after childbirth
This program is designed for mothers who have a perineal injury, or urine leakage, need to learn how to treat a C-section scar, or have musculoskeletal pain. It is also suitable for all mothers who are at least 2 months postpartum and want to diagnose the condition of the pelvic floor muscles, and abdominal diastasis and return to fitness as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy for urinary incontinence, anorectal dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse
This care is for all women who have problems with urinary or stool incontinence, urge to urinate (urgency), or pelvic organ prolapse (bladder, uterus, rectum). Also men after prostate surgery with subsequent urine leakage and erectile dysfunction.

Physiotherapy for chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions
Our proven approach combining physiotherapy, physical therapy, and coaching improves the quality of life for women and men with chronic pelvic pain. This comprehensive program is appropriate for patients who experience pain during daily activities, and sexual intercourse and for women with painful menstruation or already diagnosed endometriosis.