Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

The unique concept of patient care at Una Vida is based on careful listening to your needs and goals, a comprehensive assessment of your health condition, and tailor-made programs that respect your goals and lifestyle.

Therefore, at the initial meeting, we begin by discussing your current condition and what you want to achieve through a structured conversation. We will put into context your physical health, examination findings (X-ray, MRI, etc.), lifestyle, and mental health.

Within my competence and experience, I help patients with the following health issues:

Pain & impaired mobility

Back pain and slipped discs, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, stroke, cerebral palsy, oncological diseases, etc.

Abdomen diastasis & hernia

Post-partum conditions, diastasis related to back pain, pre- and post-surgical care of hernias


A unique combination of our own proven process of physiotherapy, physical therapy, and coaching

We then proceed to a comprehensive examination of the musculoskeletal system. The Una Vida Center is equipped with diagnostic 2D ultrasound, instrumented physical therapy and standardized questionnaires and therapy protocols to evaluate your health status.

After the examination, I will explain everything to you in a clear way and propose an individual therapy plan consisting not only of exercises, but above all regimen measures that are easily applicable to your daily life. In my work, I combine many proven physiotherapy methods, but above all selective radiofrequency therapy and coaching, which are the specialties of my center.