References of clients & partners

This amazing being helped me tremendously years ago, especially with her unique approach and exercise program tailored to my needs.
Thanks to her, I can function normally today. I'm so glad I came to her then.

Lenka Ž. - Professional Technical Consultant, Czechia

The doctor is very kind, helpful and always gives good advice. She is able to listen to the patient, she is aware that today's problems of patients are not only physical, but often psychological. The patient comes first for her and it is clear that she understands her field. She uses the latest equipment and has a beautifully decorated office to make the patient feel comfortable. I am very happy with her and would recommend her to any patient who expects excellent service.

Kestrina P. - Court interpreter and translator, Czechia

Professionalism, dedication, thoroughness and patience are the basic things Dragana has given me in every session. Quite simply, when someone is inspired by the desire and will to help you, like Dragana, you can feel it right away. Each time I learned something new or gained new knowledge. Above all, it was knowledge about myself as well. I had many questions in front of me and Dragana patiently showed me how to find answers to the same questions. I like to come back to her.

Kristina B. P. - Attorney at law, Czechia

You know that feeling when you've been looking for something for a long time and suddenly it's right in front of your eyes, waiting for you. A feeling of happiness, satisfaction and relief. That's exactly what I've felt since my first session with Dragana. She is so special because she goes beyond your physiological problems. It goes to the root cause of these problems. She has an amazing talent for identifying the real causes of your problems through discussion. Her experience as a physiotherapist and her amazing talent as an NLP coach was the perfect combination to relieve my shoulder. I have had movement restrictions and pain in my shoulder for 3 years. No matter how many therapists I saw, only Dragana was able to fix it in just two sessions. Thanks to her intelligent questions and great techniques, my shoulder is much better and I can enjoy life better.

Mahmoud O. - Medical corporate Business and Country Manager, Czechia

Everyone who comes in contact with this great and wonderful woman who burns with the desire to help other people is blessed. She selflessly gives her all in every session. From start to finish. And she knows how to lead you to those glorious moments when long sought and awaited clarity appears in the mind. That's why I can responsibly say that it's simply impossible not to experience transformation when Dragana is your coach.

Maja G.B. - Corporate Team Leader, Serbia

Our coaching sessions mean so much to me. Thanks to your support, I have gained the confidence to see myself as a more valuable person than before. I have released the restraint I had put on myself because I was paying too much attention to unimportant things. I have come back to myself and my loved ones, which gives me added strength to endure the difficult challenge of life. I would recommend you as a coach because you are full of energy and the will to push your client.

Emilija P. - Financial advisor, Serbia

First of all, Dragana is a wonderful person. Working with her helped me to become aware of some unconscious behaviors, I got guidelines on how to achieve a set goal through my plan. She guided me by loosening all the brakes I had been holding on to for too long. Working with her simply made me decide to take my life into my own hands and move on.

Jasmina S. - Make-up artist, France

I can tell that you are an amazing coach full of understanding, compassion, and equally committed to me and my continued development. You are understanding when you see that I need it. And when I need a shake up, you do it with the utmost professionalism and know when the time is right. All of this can only be done by a person who is very dedicated to what they do and who loves what they do. You have all the qualities that adorn a person and in doing so you show great respect for your clients, which shows how big of a heart you actually have.

Dijana R. - Bioanalyst, Denmark

Your energy, listening and support meant a lot to me and opened new perspectives for me in dealing with certain work situations where I had blocks.

Vesna F. - Business and operations manager, entrepreneur, Montenegro